Beauty of Yellow ~ Kavya Gupta

The warmth of the sun, which peeps in through the window;

Or the charm of a yellow dancing flamingo,

Happiness, positivity and rays of hope;

And the mustard fields whose sight we behold.

Freshness of a daffodil, pretty and wild;

And the melody of a canary, soft and mild.

That’s where the beauty of the colour yellow lies,

The lively world and cheerful smiles.


Fashion| Poetry on fashion | Kavya Gupta

It’s the tunic in Britain,

Kimono in Japan,

Saris and dhotis,

Is the trend in Hindustan.

Blogs, magazines and different attires,

stylists, artists and fashion designers.

These all are words connected with fashion;

All the people who take this as their passion.

Jewellery and accessories,

Are the things styled together;

But a smile is the only fashion,

That lasts forever.


Chocolate fever at night | Poetry by Kavya Gupta


It’s dark outside,

there’s no light in sight,

Mom’s sleeping,

Dad’s snoring,

Yes, this is the perfect time.

I get up and reach out to the kitchen door,

I make sure I don’t make noise on the floor,

I am ready to make a final blow,

there’s no time to wait anymore.

And there I saw the chocolate cake;

Icy, tempting,

A delicious bake,

I dug into it with my silver fork,

before my parents wake.

And that’s when I felt it on my tongue,

Creamier than ever; my heart then sung,

I wanted the clock to wait then and there,

To feel the moment in the chocolaty air.



Eyes; what do they say? | Poetry by Kavya Gupta

I see, I watch, I look, I roll,

I give comfort ; to my soul,

I blink, I wink,

I’m disappointed , I sink.

I may be shy , I may be expressive,

I may be anxious , I may be aggressive.

I cry and tear,

I water and wear,

I scream , I glare

To the world I stare

But nobody here; seems to care.

A twinkling me , gives a pleasant feel,

But look into me; are you real or reel?

The beautiful night । A poem for kids, By kids.

Look up in the sky, such a beautiful moon,

I think it’s better than watching silly cartoon!

Look at the twinkling stars, can you make a count

I think it’s difficult than climbing a mount

Look at the bright fireflies, I think it’s far better than telling lies!

Street lamps on the road, will give you light,

But you don’t require them in this beautiful night!