A dream to fly | Short poem by Kavya Gupta

I want to fly with open wings ,

To the place where the nightingale sings,

I will fly and fly till many miles,

Carrying along hundreds of smiles,

And then I’ll see the world from far,

Fulfilling wishes with the star.


My Mom

You are the sunlight in my way ,

You are the moon I see faraway

You are the tree I lead upon……..

You are the one who told me not to fight

And what is right.

I win with your support,

You are the one to whom I report,

What’s happening to me day and night…….

You are the one making my future bright!


The beautiful night । A poem for kids, By kids.

Look up in the sky, such a beautiful moon,

I think it’s better than watching silly cartoon!

Look at the twinkling stars, can you make a count

I think it’s difficult than climbing a mount

Look at the bright fireflies, I think it’s far better than telling lies!

Street lamps on the road, will give you light,

But you don’t require them in this beautiful night!