My best friendπŸ’–

With you time flies,

Crazy laughs and cries ,

Gossips and giggles,

And sometimes silly fights.

Eat, love and dance,

That’s all we do together,

With you life’s like a flower,

Smiling forever.

Every moment we share,

Is a memory to share,

And I may act casual,

But you know I care.

With lots of love,


Chocolate fever at night

It’s dark outside,

there’s no light in sight,

Mom’s sleeping,

Dad’s snoring,

Yes, this is the perfect time.

I get up and reach out to the kitchen door,

I make sure I don’t make noise on the floor,

I am ready to make a final blow,

there’s no time to wait anymore.

And there I saw the chocolate cake;

Icy, tempting,

A delicious bake,

I dug into it with my silver fork,

before my parents wake.

And that’s when I felt it on my tongue,

Creamier than ever; my heart then sung,

I wanted the clock to wait then and there,

To feel the moment in the chocolaty air.


Nature’s Delight

Hills , mountains , beaches and sand;

I’ve never seen something ,

So peculiarly grand,

Savage , vivid ; this enchanting woodland ,

Beauty and nature go hand in hand.

The gentle breeze ,

The icy freeze ,

The picturesque view,

with lush , green trees.

Sun – kissed flowers;

prophetic and fragile,

Lord’s creations,

Deserve a smile.


Eyes; what do they say?

I see, I watch, I look, I roll,

I give comfort ; to my soul,

I blink, I wink,

I’m disappointed , I sink.

I may be shy , I may be expressive,

I may be anxious , I may be aggressive.

I cry and tear,

I water and wear,

I scream , I glare

To the world I stare

But nobody here; seems to care.

A twinkling me , gives a pleasant feel,

But look into me; are you real or reel?

My Mom

You are the sunlight in my way ,

You are the moon I see faraway

You are the tree I lead upon……..

You are the one who told me not to fight

And what is right.

I win with your support,

You are the one to whom I report,

What’s happening to me day and night…….

You are the one making my future bright!


The beautiful night ΰ₯€ A poem for kids, By kids.

Look up in the sky, such a beautiful moon,

I think it’s better than watching silly cartoon!

Look at the twinkling stars, can you make a count

I think it’s difficult than climbing a mount

Look at the bright fireflies, I think it’s far better than telling lies!

Street lamps on the road, will give you light,

But you don’t require them in this beautiful night!