“Don’t cry over spilt milk” | Poem by Kavya Gupta | Ballad


Hey everyone! I am back after a very very long time. Here, I am sharing a ballad written by me. A ballad is a poem or a song which which narrates a story in a short stanza. I hope y’all like it.

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Once there was a boy,

crying over spilt milk,

He was sobbing with regret,

He was full of guilt.

It was just then,

a wise man came along,

He saw the boy crying;

and asked him what was wrong.

The boy told the man,

that all his milk was spilt;

it was his source of income,

Now how will he live?

The wise man heard his story,

and thought for a while;

he looked at the boy,

And said with a smile:

“Look young boy, the milk is now gone,

You can see it’s down the drain,

now it can’t be withdrawn.”

“With a little thought,

It could have been saved,

but now you can’t help,

it’s already too late.”

“All the fussing and tears,

won’t bring back a drop of it,

all you can do is ,

move on to the next thing.”

So get over your problems,

and be an optimist,

Give it a fresh start;

‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’.


This piece was an elaboration of the common idiom “Don’t cry over spilt milk.” It is a life lesson to all of us and helpful for our day-to-day situations. Hope you liked it!


“If anger is the disease; a smile will cure it. ” – Kavya Gupta

A disease; a painful situation caused by a physical or mental ailment. And when it comes to anger and frustration, it’s no less than a disease.

The above lines are quoted by me, which simply say , that to be free from the hateful disease called anger ; take one dose of a smile and you’ll be cured.

I hope you all enjoyed this piece! I did the background myself (📷) , and brought this quote for everyone who wants to smile. So just smile as you read this and with this note I end my blog. Thank you for visiting my blog! Stay connected!

~Kavya Gupta

Chocolate fever at night | Poetry by Kavya Gupta


It’s dark outside,

there’s no light in sight,

Mom’s sleeping,

Dad’s snoring,

Yes, this is the perfect time.

I get up and reach out to the kitchen door,

I make sure I don’t make noise on the floor,

I am ready to make a final blow,

there’s no time to wait anymore.

And there I saw the chocolate cake;

Icy, tempting,

A delicious bake,

I dug into it with my silver fork,

before my parents wake.

And that’s when I felt it on my tongue,

Creamier than ever; my heart then sung,

I wanted the clock to wait then and there,

To feel the moment in the chocolaty air.


Nature’s Delight | Poetry by Kavya Gupta


Hills , mountains , beaches and sand;

I’ve never seen something ,

So peculiarly grand,

Savage , vivid ; this enchanting woodland ,

Beauty and nature go hand in hand.

The gentle breeze ,

The icy freeze ,

The picturesque view,

with lush , green trees.

Sun – kissed flowers;

prophetic and fragile,

Lord’s creations,

Deserve a smile.



Eyes; what do they say? | Poetry by Kavya Gupta

I see, I watch, I look, I roll,

I give comfort ; to my soul,

I blink, I wink,

I’m disappointed , I sink.

I may be shy , I may be expressive,

I may be anxious , I may be aggressive.

I cry and tear,

I water and wear,

I scream , I glare

To the world I stare

But nobody here; seems to care.

A twinkling me , gives a pleasant feel,

But look into me; are you real or reel?

How to make a Mandala |Some Mandala art I tried |Kavya Gupta

The word mandala in Sanskrit means a circle. It is a ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, which represents the universe. The circular designs symbolize that life is never ending and everything is connected. It also represents spiritual journey within an individual. It has its origin in the Indian subcontinent.

Getting to know about this wonderful art , I tried my hands at it. So here you will find what I created.

The basic requirements to make a mandala are –

  1. A sheet of paper
  2. pencil
  3. compass
  4. ruler
  5. thin marker / any ink pen would do
  6. (optional) thicker marker

To make the best of it, you should have finishing and clarity in your strokes and a lot of patience.

I personally loved this experience and would definitely make a lot of mandalas. I am new at it and don’t have much experience at this, though I enjoyed this thoroughly. This art has a cultural touch as well as gives a relaxing feel to your mind. Try some small designs at first ; to get a slight idea about it. There are a lot of beautiful creations on the internet , so you would definitely get a lot of help.

So that’s it for this blog! Hope you like my art and try this. I tried sharing my art on the page on which I had been working since a long time. Stay in touch!

Beauty of Yellow ~ Kavya Gupta

The warmth of the sun, which peeps in through the window;

Or the charm of a yellow dancing flamingo,

Happiness, positivity and rays of hope;

And the mustard fields whose sight we behold.

Freshness of a daffodil, pretty and wild;

And the melody of a canary, soft and mild.

That’s where the beauty of the colour yellow lies,

The lively world and cheerful smiles.


A bibliophile’s evening ~ Kavya Gupta

It took me a while to realise where I was.

Photography ~ Kavya Gupta

Lying on the bed, I had been engrossed in a mystery novel, wandering where the criminals were hidden.

This exciting read gripped me for more than an hour and gave me goosebumps at regular intervals.

I finally realised that I was on the last page and had completed a 400 page addicting novel in two days. Now it was time for some tea and buns.

~ Kavya Gupta

Hey everyone! I am back after a long time. Here in this blog I tried to relate a book lover’s experience with a gripping book. Hope you enjoyed and could relate with it. Stay connected!

“Live to learn, Learn to dream, Dream to live. ” ~Kavya Gupta

The above self written quote “Live to learn, Learn to dream, Live to dream ” simply tells that learning and dreaming is where the essence of living lies. If you live, you have to learn and to dream you have to live.

~Kavya Gupta

Hope you enjoyed this piece! I am back after quote a long time and brought this one for you all! Thank you for visiting my blog! Stay connected!

Trying my hand at Nature Photography ~ Kavya Gupta

This Wednesday morning, when the sun was low, the sky had a glimmer , the birds were chirping and nature summoned for love.

It called upon to be captured….. 🌺
And it’s charm is undefined 💖
Filled with love, colour and grace ;it’s beauty can’t be described in a phrase🌸
However tiny you maybe, you can’t be hidden from the world🏵
Blossomed with love, pretty in pink, can’t describe them simply with ink 💮
The sky shines with the purple glow…..

So, I tried some nature photography and definitely hope that you’ll like my photographs…. Stay connected!

Lots of love,

~Kavya Gupta 💕

Fashion| Poetry on fashion | Kavya Gupta

It’s the tunic in Britain,

Kimono in Japan,

Saris and dhotis,

Is the trend in Hindustan.

Blogs, magazines and different attires,

stylists, artists and fashion designers.

These all are words connected with fashion;

All the people who take this as their passion.

Jewellery and accessories,

Are the things styled together;

But a smile is the only fashion,

That lasts forever.


My best friend💖

With you time flies,

Crazy laughs and cries ,

Gossips and giggles,

And sometimes silly fights.

Eat, love and dance,

That’s all we do together,

With you life’s like a flower,

Smiling forever.

Every moment we share,

Is a memory to spare,

And I may act casual,

But you know I care.

With lots of love,